1. Monty Python's Holy Grail
    As I kid I realized that all the unfunniest people kept recommending I see this and vowed I never would
  2. Sound of Music
    Looks boring
  3. The Deer Hunter
    If I wanted to see De Niro act like he's lost the will to live I can just see any one of the last 20 things he's made
  4. 2001: A Space Odyssey
    This movie means a lot to my dad and he really wanted to share it with me when I was younger but I refused. I'll probably watch it 4 months after he dies and cry for days
  5. Network
    I have seen Rodney Dangerfield's gender-swapping soccer comedy Ladybugs 5-10 times though
  6. The Notebook
    Supposedly very romantic but there's no way it's better than Crazy/Stupid/Love. Or that part in crystal Skull when Indiana Jones is arguing with Marian and he says, Sure there were other women. But they all had the problem--then he pauses to punch a guy and then he finished--none of them were you
  7. It's a Wonderful Life
    I really love parodies of this one though
  8. Citizen Kane
    There's no way this is better than Stepbrothers