1. When I first joined this community in the beta era I right away saw a tremendous opportunity for expression and community
  2. And it was
  3. And then beta ended and all these new users showed up and it got even better!
  4. I've made real friends on this app
  5. And learned a lot
  6. And laughed
  7. And felt like a part of a real family
  8. But as with every family there's positives and negatives
  9. And I don't want this to become about pointing fingers or make it sound like anyone is to blame
  10. Because no one is to blame
  11. Or maybe I am
  12. I don't mean to be cryptic. The people involved know who they are
  13. And if you're in that group that I'm alluding to, please know that I accept my part in everything that happened
  14. And if it's not too late, I apologize
  15. But maybe it's too late
  16. What it boils down to is that it's time to move on
  17. I'm gonna miss you all so much
  18. If you ever think of me, I hope you think of the fun we had together
  19. The laughs
  20. But I hope you don't think of me
  21. I hope you don't think about the past
  22. I hope your futures are all so bright and filled with joy that all you do is sprint forward
  23. Peace