1. I've been reading Screenplay and collecting all my favorite bits.
  2. From Chapter 3 :Building a character
    When designing a character, always start with Daniel Stern. Then think about your story and decide what kind of Daniel Stern would be the best fit. A fat Daniel Stern? A girl Daniel Stern? A Daniel Stern who is allergic to eggs? I've been slowly building my own Daniel Stern out in the garage for years, and eagerly anticipate the day the real one dies and I can get my hands on that trademark head of his to complete the project.
  3. From chapter 6: endings and beginnings
    Whatever you decide, don't begin you're screenplay at my Aunt Ivy's cottage at Cape Cod. It's too scary. Sorry, I meant 'your' up there, not 'you're' but the backspace button on my word processor got Laffy Taffy on it. I'll have to remind my moronic editor Mark to fix it before this goes to print.
  4. From chapter 14: writing the screenplay
    I always keep a harmonica near at hand while I'm writing, and if I think for a minute that I've stopped breathing I hold the harmonica to my mouth and the sound that comes out sends me a clear message that I am in fact still breathing and alive.
  5. From chapter 19: Unanswered questions about Dragonball Z
    Why the hell does Cooler's fourth form have a mouthpiece like a robot...? Is that really necessary?