1. I don't get men who are avowed feminists but then talk about women like they're either precious princesses or an endangered species
    Nothing matters to me more than a woman's happiness, that women feel respected, etc
  2. It seems condescending
    If someone said 'nothing matters to me more than Tom's happiness, that Tom feels respected, I'd think they were making fun of me
  3. Is that really feminism?
  4. Is that something women like?
  5. I get that in the fight for equality you sometimes have to go deep but it creeps me out
  6. Women aren't this other species
  7. Women are human
  8. When my writing students ask me how to go about writing female characters I usually say something like, make them human beings
  9. Sometimes the students aren't satisfied with that answer.
    But would they be happy if I said, write them like amazing princesses or an ancient endangered species?
  10. Maybe these dudes are just trying too hard
  11. Maybe I'm not enlightened enough!
  12. No I think it's on them