1. I can't think of anything good for this request
  2. 2015 wasn't a great year, but I'm having a hard time pinpointing anything particularly slap worthy
  3. My brain doesn't really organize itself that way--I'm terrible at top ten lists and retrospectives
  4. It seems like Ben Carson/Trump et al have been well covered by people who received this same request
  5. I guess I have some hostility for anyone who used the breaking news of a mass shooting to forward a political agenda this year
  6. From the left or the right
  7. I get that the issue needs to be dealt with politically-obviously-but I saw a lot of tweets that were posted before the blood was even dry, or seemed more geared towards making a rival seem foolish than anything else
  8. There's a couple hundred Internet message board trolls who gave me guff this year that id like to knock around
  9. But then I think about how empty their lives must be that they have the time to post these comments and I guess they already have it hard enough
  10. Thanks for the request