1. Come up for a punchy name for lists of things that need to be accomplished in a given day. To be accomplist?
  2. Rage against the dying of my lite brite
  3. Explain to young people what a lite brite is
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  4. Convince myself 34 is still youngish
  5. Strike up a conversation with an interesting woman in a coffee shop
  6. Get invited back to her place
  7. Wake up in a bathtub full of ice but no organs missing
  8. And she's like, I'm not an organ thief I'm just kinky
  9. And I'm like, well I'm not
  10. And she's like, what if I punched you in the face?
  11. And I'm like actually lets give that a shot
  12. And then maybe we'll go see Black Mass
  13. Also got to grade some papers