1. I think tomorrow I shall be
  2. More vicious than you've ever seen
  3. Hateful
  4. Angry
  5. Cruel and rude
  6. Possessed of such an attitude
  7. Others lists I'll harshly judge
  8. Politically I will not budge
  9. From stances rooted in deep fear
  10. Try to reason, I won't hear
  11. Let's have guns and boring sex
  12. Confederate flags, religious texts
  13. In every school, and no art classes
  14. Encouraging kids to sit on asses
  15. Which should be outside, at war
  16. Keeping other countries poor
  17. So we don't look too closely at...
  18. Hey look a cat! A bunch of them,
  19. Delightful memes! With goofy themes!
  20. And vitriol for all the famous
  21. People who won't kiss my anus
  22. Soon the beta will be done
  23. It certainly has been such fun
  24. But as the app is opened wide
  25. Within the masses I must hide
  26. Convincing them im of their breed
  27. So upon me they won't feed
  28. So goodbye beta
  29. Goodbye friend
  30. Goodbye now
  31. This is the end