1. Attention all Trumbofficianados
  2. Today is @saytrumbo 's birthday
  3. Here are some Trumbo facts
  4. She's immune to cobra venom
  5. She once looked at a Zeppelin so hard it popped
  6. When she lays around the house the house breathes a deep sigh of contentment
  7. If you're not yet a Trumbofficianado, read these great lists and you will become one
  8. Here's one about Disney Princesses reimagined as Los Angeles natives DISNEY PRINCESSES REIMAGINED AS LOS ANGELES NATIVES (VOL. 1)
  9. Here's one about her friendship with Sarah Jessica Parker. THINGS MY GOOD FRIEND SARAH JESSICA PARKER HAS DONE FOR ME
  10. Here's one called La Vie Trumbo. 🎶LA VIE TRUMBO🎶
  11. Happy birthday Trumbo
  12. You're amazing!