Help! Im dating an ant colony and need your advice! 🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜

  1. I guess technically I'm dating the queen but ants don't really have a sense of independence as it turns out
  2. We met on tinder
  3. There was no scheming, this was her (their) profile picture
  4. I thought she was being avant garde or something and swiped
  5. We hit it off right away She (they) love the outdoors like I do
  6. She (they) love prestige cable shows like I do
  7. She (they) hate birds like I do
  8. But there's a problem
  9. The queen doesn't technically have a vagina
  10. I know there's so much more to a meaningful relationship than sex but it's not even that
  11. Because we have done other stuff
  12. Hand stuff
  13. Which honestly is pretty hot
  14. But she (they) really want to have sex
  15. You might be wondering how we could even have sex given that she's (they're) tiny and I'm human sized
  16. No, I don't have a tiny little ant-sized penis. I have a slightly below average human sized penis
  17. I don't want to go into detail because I'm a gentleman but if you really want to know how she (they) and I could have sex DM me
  18. , instead of a vagina she has a reproductive tract that leads to a spermatheca
  19. Which is a kind of where sperm is collected and used as necessary for breeding purposes over the course of her entire life
  20. Which means if we have sex and then break up she could still technically end up having my baby like years later
  21. Is it weird of me to be uncomfortable with that?
  22. And how do I talk to her about this?