I'm gonna get emotional this time
  1. Normally learning about US history is about as much fun as reading a corporate charter, but Hamilton makes it seem relatable
  2. This was a very dark year for me in a variety of ways
  3. And there were so many times I wanted to give up
  4. And by give up I mean blow my brains out
  5. Because I felt empty and surrounded by inauthenticity
  6. When @DanaDigsYou wanted me to check out Hamilton, I kind of blew her off because I thought it sounded dumb
  7. But @bobbyhundreds recommended the show as well and I trust him completely
  8. Guys
  9. I loved it
  10. I hadn't seen anything that made me feel so alive
  11. Like anything was possible
  12. Like whatever conventions you might feel are restricting you are only there as points of departure for real adventure
  13. A lot of stuff is called edgy but Hamilton actually is
  14. And it makes me feel like there's a reason to keep foing
  15. And working
  16. And trying
  17. Now, I overheard someone in a restaurant the other day say that their greatest achievement in 2015 was turning their 11 year old nephew onto the show
  18. That's just insane
  19. If your greatest achievement in the entire year was playing a soundtrack for a child and having them like it, you need to raise the bar for yourself
  20. But Hamilton rules