1. Some people are going to encourage you to stop, drop, and roll; others will want to douse you with water. It's important to listen to advice from others but at the end of the day you're the one who gets decide what's the right fit for your life
  2. Take responsibility for yourself. Sure, Susan shouldn't have tossed a lit candle in your lap, but don't forget to reflect on how what you said about her sister incensed her
  3. Remember that death makes life meaningful and don't let the fear and pain and smell of your own burning flesh overwhelm the total experience of being burned alive, which few people get to experience
  4. You're going to feel an urge to run outside in order to stop the fire spreading, but beware letting the needs of others overwhelm your own and keep in mind that running around will only feed the flames
  5. Don't judge yourself too harshly. If you decide that you kind of like being engulfed in flames, don't let the horror on the faces of the public discourage you from being on fire full time. Maybe it's not for everyone, but you aren't t everyone. You're you