1. Everything is fine
  2. I don't want to get into it
  3. People make mistakes
  4. And as long as you learn something you're fine
  5. Thats what separates us from the animals
  6. I don't want to talk about animals though
  7. Forget that
  8. You guys excited for the debate tonight?
  9. It's gonna be rough
  10. Those guys go at it like--
  11. Like
  12. You know how the straws at Starbucks have warnings on the wrapper, not to put them in something hot because they'll melt?
  13. Well you'd think the guy who rents out animals for photoshoots would at least mention not to--
  14. I'm not saying it it's his fault
  15. It's no ones fault
  16. It's not my fault
  17. I had a cute idea for a calendar. That's it
  18. Dogs and cats partying. Trick or treating, dressed like pilgrims and native Americans, sitting Seder
  19. For June I thought, big backyard bbq
  20. And my cousin had a thing for a free bounce house rental because when he rented one for his daughters birthday the guy who delivered the thing tried to flush a towel down his guest bathroom toilet
    That's not my story to tell
  21. I thought the bounce house would be cute and safer than having the animals in a pool or around a grill
  22. See, I was being careful.
  23. I didn't want anyone getting hurt
  24. The calendar industry is big $$$ and I have all these student loans
  25. That's what we should be talking about, the student loan crisis. That's a much bigger deal than what I did
  26. Not that I did anything
  27. I didn't do anything
  28. Is misunderstanding or underestimating pack mentality a crime?
  29. I'm not talking about this. I said I didn't want to talk about this and I meant it
  30. Seriously don't ask again