1. This morning my editor at The Guardian asked me to write this
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    I'm freelance
  2. In about 15 minutes before I had to go teach
  3. Which includes passages like this
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  4. I am available for bar mitzvahs
  5. And got responses like look like this:
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  6. And this
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  7. And this
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  8. And this
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  9. And this popped up
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    Wyatt Thom is my 4 year old nephew btw
  10. And hundreds (hundreds) more
    Some from famous media outlets
  11. I feel
  12. A little bad for fooling so many people?
  13. But also pretty elated
  14. But also if that many people fell for it, maybe it doesn't quite work as humor?
  15. Also a little scared for America
  16. I get why so many people are willing to believe Carson is capable of being crazy
  17. I get that people don't look to the Guardian expecting iokes
  18. But really, are people this willing to believe any crazy thing they hear about someone they don't like?
  19. It's like I set out to make fun of Carson and ended up trolling the left
  20. (maybe ill get sued by the Carson campaign)
  21. (And it'll be like in Rocky 5 when that guy tells Rocky he'll sue him and Rocky goes, Sue me for what? And slugs the guy)
  22. (Well maybe not)
  23. Anyway that's what happened to me today