1. They'd end up really hitting it off
  2. Wouldn't matter who they were
  3. Id feel left out
  4. Hopefully the island is big enough that I can wander off and not hear them having sex
  5. And then when they were pissed at each other theyd come to me to talk shit
  6. And I'd get all excited like, so and so and I are really hitting it off
  7. I'd try to remind myself not to get too excited, so I wouldn't be too upset when they made up
  8. But I would
  9. And they would
  10. And probably one night I'd mention that monogamy didn't make sense on the island and that we should all be free to experiment and explore
  11. And they'd look at each other like, ????
  12. And id quickly say I was joking
  13. And they'd be like, we actually think that too but didn't know how to bring it up
  14. And that's the day we'd get rescued