Inspired by @gwcoffey
  1. Prince of Tides
    Mostly boring for a ten year old until nick Norte starts talking about getting molested. Then horrifying.
  2. Natural born killers
    Talked my mom into taking me to see this in 6th or 7th grade. When she bought the tickets the guy said 'lady are you sure?' But she ignored him and as soon as the movie started I locked my arms around the armrests and didn't let go until it was over.
  3. Pulp Fiction
    They weren't going to let me watch this but I found out they'd seen it and raised hell until they rented it for me. I guess I was like 13?
  4. Jungle Fever
    This ends with someone offering to suck Wesley snipes dick for crack money and I was nine and my destiny was all laid out before me
  5. Silence of the Lambs
    They didn't let me watch this one as much as they were watching it--while wrapping presents on Christmas Eve--and I watched through a crack in the door.