1. Enfoggen
    Slightly fogs an enemies glasses
  2. Egg surprise
    Opponents are surprised whenever they see an egg for the next 10 turns
  3. Pubic awareness
    Opponent becomes paranoid that their pubic hair is showing
  4. Detect rubber bands
    Makes any rubber bands within casting area glow
  5. Guise of blisters
    Obscure your identity under numerous painful blisters
  6. Urticok's stifle
    Stifle your own sneeze
  7. Little Daniel
    Shrinks men named Daniel
  8. Pony transposition
    Switch the minds of any two ponies freaky Friday style
  9. Reader recall
    Caster remembers the title of any recently read book
  10. Banjo blitz
    Causes any banjo playing within casting area to speed up