1. This sounds kind of like War on Drugs sometimes
  2. In that way that WOD sounds like Don Henley sometimes
  3. There's something really self conscious about this cover of Shake it Off. The original works because it's cathartic and big and there's some weird tension between the lyrics and the music in this cover
  4. I’m not really a fan of Taylor Swift.
  5. I don't dislike her, I think maybe I’m just too cynical. She seems right for a time when people’s emotional lives, or the emotional lives of young people, seem driven by a sort of weird social media filter, like everyone is happy to settle being the cellophane around the CD instead of being a full-on album, with a range of songs and some nuance
  6. That description maybe doesn’t makes sense in a world where people don’t actually buy CD’s.
  7. That description might not make sense, anyway. I guess what I’m saying is that I feel like people are happy to stop feeling and thinking at the point at which it becomes possible to express in 140 characters or an instagram post
  8. If Taylor Swift has never had an emotion that didn’t make it into a chorus, Adams has never had an idea that he didn’t record.
  9. Dude’s output in endless and he’s basically a one man cover band record to record, sometimes a little like Springsteen, sometimes a little like The Smiths, sometimes a little like The Replacements, and so on and so forth.
  10. Gold was a great album. I loved that one.
  11. Bad Blood, I actually like this cover better than the original
  12. I feel like this song, though, nails what I dislike about Swift. This feud anthem spurred by some fight over hiring away someone else's backup dancers?
  13. That's what I read at least
  14. What a lame feud This is not the feud of people who have experienced real pain and betrayal
  15. This is a fight song for people hoping to be noticed going through some drama
  16. Swift is also popular because she’s talented and her songs are well crafted, and because she’s (I think) pretty savvy about her public persona and putting out songs that skim the surface of the tabloid stories about her.
  17. I was thinking about buying 1989 when I was in the record store the other day but I didn't because I probably wouldn't listen to it that much and I was afraid the clerk would see a 34 year old man buying a TSwift record and judge me, like I was going to jerk off to it or something
  18. Feeling judged by record store clerks is something future generations won't have to deal with
  19. I ended up getting the new new Thee Oh Sees album and the new one by Daniel Romano instead The clerk approved