1. The red carpet crew is talking about Jimmy Fallon like he's the most dangerously unpredictable psychopath in America. Anything is possible with this guy, anything
  2. Whoa Jimmy Fallon just stomped a soft shell crab to death on stage crazy crazy
  3. I wish stars who were up for golden globes had to compete and campaign for them
  4. At the critics choice award Ryan Reynolds said Deadpool is a sex positive hero which I think means he talks about his balls and butthole a lot
  5. Turns out the golden globes are boring
  6. I guess it just seems like unless someone is paying you to do so, live blogging a thing is a colossal waste of time
  7. You only get to have some many original thoughts in a day, why blow any of them snarking an awards show
  8. It would be cool if the presenter didn't get an envelope, just a pile of ballots and a calculator.