1. The show just started! @bjnovak is hosting and he's asked everyone in attendance to write their social security number on a slip of paper and pass it forward. He says it'll pay off at the end.
  2. @dfly says the secret to his success is having good ideas. Wish I'd thought of that.
  3. @bjnovak just slipped out the back with all our social security numbers. Weird.
  4. They just said they have a big surprise and wheeled out a big cake. Is someone going to burst out of the cake? Will it be @mindy ?????
  5. @JeremyPivot is here!
  6. Apparently they wanted him to burst out of the cake but he arrived late so now he's burrowing INTO the cake.
  7. Oh shit @JeremyPivot slipped in the frosting and cut his head
  8. Lots of blood
  9. I hope he's okay.
  10. Next up is @Waz
  11. Holy shit he slipped in the blood
  12. His ankle is totally broken
  13. This is insane
  14. @Waz just went into this whole thing about how symmetry is the essence of beauty and straight up broke his other ankle
  15. With his bare hands.
  16. @Nicholas threw up when @Waz broke his ankle
  17. There's so much blood and icing and puke. It's looking like Double Dare up in this piece
  18. Someone just burst in from outside and started demanding that everyone tell him what they love most about music. Security is dragging him out now.
  19. @saytrumbo just did the robot with no music playing for 11 minutes. Weirdly mesmerizing
  20. @dev just announced that Listapp is planning to hire some official 'tone police'. Interesting move.
  21. I'm starting to wonder if BJ is coming back.