1. There used to be this regional chain where I live called It's Friday!
  2. Themed around the old TGIF television block
    Specifically Family Matters, Step by Step, and Perfect Strangers
  3. There were three of these places. This was probably 2001-2006
  4. The idea was that the characters from all these shows got together to open a restaurant
  5. So all the waiters and everything were local actors playing the parts of TGIF characters
  6. So you'd show up and Aunt Rachel would be the hostess
  7. And maybe Cody or Balki would be your waiter
  8. But what's really crazy is that the owner of the chain, this guy Janson, would write scripts for the actors to perform
  9. So eating there was his crazy immersive theater performance
  10. Like one night I ate there and the story was that Laura from Family Matters had gone on a date with JT from Step by Step
  11. And JT was my waiter that night
  12. So throughout the evening the kid playing Urkel kept fucking with him and coming by our table urging us not to tip him
  13. Because he was jealous
  14. Janson wrote all the scripts himself and insisted on coming out with a new one every 2 or 3 days
  15. Which I guess probably drove him nuts
  16. He ended up getting fucked up on drugs and going to rehab
  17. And one of the Balki's was put in charge while he was gone
  18. But keep in mind, three restaurants means 3 Balki's
  19. So that one Balki was now in charge made the other two super jealous
  20. So they started showing up to bug the manager Balki
  21. You'd be eating and this other Balki would burst in and accuse the Balki you'd been dealing with all night of being a doppelgänger
  22. They hounded that poor manager Balki to the point he went after them
  23. These other two Balki's were roommates
  24. And he showed up at their place one night with a gun
  25. There was a fight and somehow in the scuffle the manager Balki got shot with his own gun
  26. Blew his hip apart
  27. And the other 2 Balki's ended up in prison
  28. The food was awful. I wasn't surprised when the place finally closed down