Requested by @dudleyjoshua
  1. This request is vague so I'll tell you my favorite story about a family member
  2. This is called Aunt Pepper's Perpetual Vengeance
  3. My Aunt Pepp died one year ago tomorrow
  4. She lived in Cales County, which is just a few miles outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, for most of her life
  5. In 1999 her husband-my uncle Hutch-was killed by some University of Virginia students who were screwing around with a potato gun out in the woods
  6. The kids were all from wealthy families, so Pepp sued and won a huge fortune
  7. She had his enormous house built in the middle of the Main Street in Cales County
  8. She had to lobby to get the zoning laws changed and everything, it was crazy
  9. But she said she'd spent her whole life broke and overlooked and now that she was rich she wanted everyone to know
  10. Since she was lonely without her husband, and they never had any children, she got herself a dog
  11. Mr Junk
  12. Mr Junk was a great and very sweet dog and Aunt Pepp treated him like a king
  13. Mr Junk had a room in Aunt Pepp's house that's bigger than my apartment
  14. One day Aunt Pepp was having some work done at the house and Mr Junk got loose
  15. And vanished
  16. Aunt Pepp went nuts. Spent over $1000 on signs and posters and flyers
  17. The signs were everywhere. Store windows, on buses, everywhere
  18. Mr Junk sightings poured in. Some seemed like good leads that went nowhere, some were cranks or pranks
  19. Pepp dumped more and more money into widening the search
  20. To no avail
  21. After a few months she finally accepted that Mr Junk wasn't coming back. But instead of moving on she became obsessed with the idea that someone in town had done something with Mr Junk
  22. So then she started spending thousands of dollars on signs that said...
  23. Isn't that crazy? She wanted the signs to be accusatory, thinking it would haunt the person who (she believed) took or failed to save her dog
  24. Your basic tell-tale heart situation
  25. She even bought radio advertisements. Robert Vaughn shouting YOU HAVE SEEN MR JUNK for 30 seconds at time
  26. Anyway when Aunt Pepp died people were a little relieved, thinking this would put an end to the whole thing
  27. But it turned out that Pepp pulled some deal where she'd left half of her substantial fortune to a local homeless shelter, and the other half to continuing the campaign...
  28. With the provision that the homeless shelter gets not one single dime if the Mr Junk campaign ends
  29. So even in death Aunt Pepp holds Cales County hostage