1. This is fun. I used to get so anxious and weird at parties and think everyone wanted to fight me. I've really matured
  2. Those two dogs are getting really wild
  3. I wish humans could play like that, bat each other around.
    Sub thought: don't get carried away
  4. Oh no the boy dog is trying to fuck the girl dog
  5. Good the girl dog hot away
  6. Shit she's going back for more
  7. Damn the boy dog is really worked up
  8. Should I break them up?
  9. Good someone broke them up
  10. I think that girl is looking at me, I should go talk to her
  11. The girl dog is going back for more!
  12. Is this how dogs flirt?
  13. All right I'm going to talk to that girl
  14. Hey she's nice
  15. She's looking at me like I'm charming
  16. Oh damn the boy dog has the girl dog pinned
  17. Don't point that out
  18. Stop talking about those dogs
  19. Wait what did this girl say she did for a living? Something in a hospital?
  20. Stop talking about dogs fucking
  21. Does she actually have a text or is she faking it because she's creeped out by me talking about dogs fucking
  22. When she said she was going to come right back it felt like she was being polite but I'll stay right here in case she really is
  23. I don't think she's coming back
  24. I'm gonna have another piece of cake