1. My uncle Jeffy started a comic strip about the continuing adventures of Frankenstein's monster when he was 20 years old
  2. He has never published them and has no intention to do so
  3. He draws one every day without fail
  4. Actually from 1969-1971 he was in the army and couldn't draw them, so when he got back he drew two strips a day to catch up
  5. The crazy thing is that the strips have this INCREDIBLY complicated continuity and roughly take place in real time, so in the period when he was doing two strips a day he'd draw one that filled the gap he missed and one that took place 1972-1973
  6. I don't know how he kept it all straight in his head
  7. He won't allow anyone to make copies of the strips and only lets you look at them with him looking over your shoulder.
  8. He keeps them in big binders
  9. Originally it was about the monster as a college student. Then later he became a taxidermist and after that a CPA and from 1992-1998 he coached the Chicago Bulls
  10. In 2006 he did a bunch about the monster appearing as an extra in the Benihana Christmas episode of The Office.
  11. There's a weeks worth of strips where the monster and John Krasinski talk about baseball cards
  12. The monster also has 41 sons at this point ranging in age from 17-44
  13. With 40 different women
  14. My aunt Melora HATES the strip
  15. I remember so many Christmases when my whole family would be sitting around ready to eat and he'd be upstairs finishing a strip and she'd just go on and on about what a waste of time it is
  16. She alway says "if I had my foot id leave him but he got me before I was ruined"
  17. She lost her foot in an accident on their honeymoon
  18. His weird revenge against her is that she was never born in the world of the strip
  19. He did a story where the monster met her parents and they explicitly stated that they had only one child, a son
  20. Her brother Terry
  21. My secret dream is that when my uncle dies he'll leave me the binders.
  22. But I won't be surprised if he's buried with them