What an incredible honor
  1. I hope I don't get in trouble for saying this, but Listapp HQ is inside this abandoned veterinary insane asylum.
    Apparently the dog that played Eddie on Frasier was a patient here and was killed in the fire that gutted the building
  2. The lobby has an awesome fish tank!
  3. One of the Listapp interns asked me if I wanted to feed the fish while I waited for my tour. I said sure....
  4. And they guy brought out this 'fish food'
  5. Apparently they feed the fish rusty nails to keep them mean. I said, Why do the fish need to be mean? And the intern laughed and said, Well you know what it says in BJ's book
    I'm gonna finish reading that book I swear.
  6. Then the intern said I had to wear this protective gear while inside the building.
    I was going to point out that this was just a shark costume but i was afraid it was another reference to BJs book
  7. One Listapp staffer-I won't say which-has all this 90s Marvel comics swimsuit art hanging in their office
  8. They told me which users are famous people in disguise. I'm sworn to secrecy but hey @jakebrandman what you're doing in the Ukraine is a travesty
    Also Taylor Swift has 11 profiles under different names
  9. I tried getting a picture of the cage where they keep @ChrisK but the lighting in the basement is very dim