1. .
    This guy is a high school vice principal who is convinced his students will benefit from his strict, no nonsense approach but is in actuality loathed and quickly forgotten after graduation.
  2. " "
    This guy gets really excited about things as long as he's the first to hear about them, otherwise he's hard to impress
  3. --
    Pensive in a way that's initially intriguing but overtime you start thinking maybe she's just stalling because she has nothing to say
  4. ;
    Pretentious. Talks about David Foster Wallace but has only read the essays.
  5. :
    Super talkative but at some point you make a point and he responds with something totally unrelated and you realize your not having a conversation, you're witnessing a performance
  6. !
    The exclamation point is the fake smile of the punctuation world. Imagine the way your ex says it's 'good to see you' when you run into her at Target
  7. ( )
  8. &
    This guy used to be really close with your circle of friends before you started hanging out with them, now he lives in another town and has some vague but high paying job. Comes around at Christmas, you're not a huge fan.
  9. ,
    This guy gets pushed around a lot. He wouldn't put it that way, he'd say he's happy to help. But he drinks every night.