1. Pro: quitting suddenly would cause a big headache for the administration whose incompetence has driven me to consider quitting
  2. Con: I dig my students and I'd probably be replaced by some awful goon who wouldn't teach them anything
  3. Pro: I wouldn't have to go to it anymore
  4. Con: no money
  5. Pro: no money might free me from attachment to material things and hasten enlightenment
  6. Con: starvation might come quicker than enlightenment
  7. Pro: killer early stage of starvation cheekbones
  8. Con: Seinfeld isn't hitting Hulu until later this summer so i'd get bored
  9. Pro: more time to chase my dreams
  10. Con: most people who excitedly create more time to chase their dreams end up bothering strangers in the food court eventually
  11. Pro: quitting feels great
  12. Con: teaching feels great
  13. Pro: other things probably feel way better
  14. Con: