1. I was in New York over the weekend and attended a protest in front of Trump Tower
  2. It was tough to get to the protest because the cops had all the streets blocked off
  3. But finally I kind of got to the far edge
  4. It was crazy. There were news crews and helicopters all more police than I've ever seen
  5. The cops all looked scared and tired and I felt bad for them, kind of
  6. Michael Moore was there somewhere
  7. I saw every age and demographic in the crowd
  8. Some pro-trump folks (Trumpkins) showed up and a few of them were shouting some pretty vile stuff
  9. And a few of the protesters got upset and shouted some petty vile stuff back
  10. There was this old Vietnam vet (Trumpkin) arguing with a young-ish Iraq vet
  11. Both accusing the other of cowardice
  12. And this Trumpkin woman screamed at the crowd and told this one woman she hoped her whole family died
  13. Some of the protesters were very on top of getting in between anyone screaming and breaking it up
  14. Static
  15. Static
  16. There were little groups of protesters all over the city. Some guy was harassing these women and another dude bribed him into leaving them alone by offering him a bottle of vodka if he went away
  17. It was an inspiring and draining day
  18. That night after dinner I fainted for the first time ever
  19. That part sucked
  20. I also met @shanaz yesterday. She's cool as hell