Requested by @Nicholas
  1. The sea is foaming like a bottle of beer
    Sort of a dumb lyric. I think this song is the total lost gem of this album, though...a big fun pop anthem set between the super popular, super dour 'undone-the sweater song' which I never really liked and the slightly less dour pop anthem 'say it ain't so'
  2. You take your car to work I'll take my board
    Thinking about songs nicely compliment the activities they're about. There are lots of songs about making love that I think I'd be too self conscious to play while doing the, I feel like if I started playing 'sexual healing' before getting to it the woman would roll her eyes real hard, and that's the number 2 thing I try to avoid while having sex. Number 1 is disease, number 3 is pregnancy. But yeah, this would be a fun song to listen to while surfing, that's the point
  3. And when you're out of fuel I'm still afloat
    Apple should make surfboards with MP3 players built into them, actually. Is that a thing?
  4. The sea is rolling like a thousand pound keg
    I've heard this song 9 million times and just now it occurred to me it might be ironic. Is it? I'm afraid to find out.
  5. All along the undertow is strengthening its hold
    When I was 20 I worked at this pizza place and one of my co-workers was this sweet 16 year old girl. One day she asked me if i was still single when I turned 30 if i wanted to marry her. I said she was cute and she said she was serious, that we'd live near the beach and go surfing everyday and have 3 kids. She ended up getting married to some air force dude like 2 years later and I feel like I shouldn't be telling this story.
  6. Let's go!
    I looked it up, according to Wikipedia the song is sarcastic. Sigh.