1. Circle
    Sometimes I'll notice that I haven't been sexually aroused all day and get worried there's something wrong with me
  2. Square
    Like what if I have a disease that negates arousal as a precursor to death?
  3. Rectangle
    Is that a thing?
  4. Hexagon
    Or maybe I'm just getting old and I naturally don't walk around in heat all day anymore and that's okay
  5. Triangle
    That's a drag too, though. I'm not that old.
  6. Pentagon
    So then I'll start thinking real hard about stuff that turns me on to make sure I'm still capable
  7. Crescent
    I guess I just never imagined I'd turn into this guy who had to make a point of making sure he was still capable of getting erections
  8. Arrow
    I don't think I'm being my best self
  9. Cube
    Cubes are probably the second best shape actually. And triangles are probably better than circles.
  10. Dodecahedron
    More for its name than its shape really
    Suggested by @almak