1. Let's go by the craft store and buy some googly eyes/we can mail them to Melissa/and then I need to call someone/ about fixing my fax machine/baby are you writing this down?
    From 'do you need (a pen)'
  2. This door has a rusty hinge/or maybe it's not rusty/what's the word for when a piece of dodgy metal makes a noise/like a squeak/like a squeak/like a damn squeak
    From 'something is wrong (with the door)'
  3. Mona/your lips don't cascade because they're solid/but if lips were liquid yours would fill a bucket/and I'd dump that bucket out into the street
    From 'Mona'
  4. All these little tortoises strutted right inside the statehouse/and they had a couple good points but so do thumbtacks/baby let's buy a bulletin board/and hang it in the hall
    From 'Questioning the Bursar'
  5. Waldo's in the corner by the stodgy bearded wizard/on the next page he's above the dragons foot/no the other foot
    From (everywhere that Waldo is) on every page