Some memorable movie watching experiences

Inspired by @helytimes
    Pretty sure this is the first movie I ever saw in the theater. I remember thinking that wherever my parents were taking me was going to be typically boring and then completely falling in love with this wild wolf monster
  2. MY GIRL
    Saw this in the theater in elementary school and to this day it's probably the hardest I've ever cried at something that didn't have to do with me. Cried throughout the credits, so hard we couldn't leave until the theater manager asked us to go because the next screening was going to begin
  3. The Lion King/The Shadow double header
    My cousin said she'd take me to a movie and I couldn't decide between these two so she took me to BOTH and it blew me away you could do that.
  4. Pulp Fiction
    My parents rented this and hid the tape because they knew I was dying to see it. I found the tape when they went out the next day and watched the entire thing standing an inch from the TV so I could snatch it out of the VCR if I heard them pull into the driveway. Rewired my brain.
  5. Lost in Space
    My date wanted to see Good Will Hunting, I insisted we see this. She was so bored she asked if I wanted to make out and that was my first kiss. I was pretty scared and sure she could tell I had no idea what I was doing but she wanted to kiss more after the movie and when I got home I was proud that I'd managed to fool her.
  6. The Matrix Revolutions
    About 15 minutes into this I realized it sucked and that is wasted years thinking about the Matrix and had a massive panic attack.
  7. Punch-drunk Love
    Loved this and got so worked up watching it that I kept standing up and my brother has to keep grabbing me and pulling me into my seat
  8. Iron Man 2
    Sat behind this 9 or 10 years old girl and her dad and at the end when Pepper Potts started ordering the cops around and handling shit the little girl yelled THIS IS AWESOME
  9. Green Lantern
    When Sinestro becomes a bad guy this guy behind me wearing a GameStop uniform yelled out HIS AVARICE SHALL BE HIS DOWNFALL and I realized that every piece of shit is someone's favorite thing
  10. World War Z
    Got my heart broken and stumbled into the theater to see this to distract myself. Kept thinking, some people have lives filled with live and joy, some people have World War Z.
  11. The Lobster/Anomalisa
    Both of these spoke to me so deeply. During both I found myself covering my mouth so as to not laugh as hard as I wanted to because I was scared people in the theater would attack me for laughing at such dark stuff.