1. Jericho the lion who made a mistake
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    Jericho was around for 7 weeks in 2002, introduced to teach children how to move past regretful errors in judgement and make better choices going forward. The mistake Jericho made was never revealed...probably for the best.
  2. Bloodle
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    Bloodle the sentient blood puddle sang a song called 'sometimes outside is scary' in an August 1994 episode that has reportedly been completely erased and isn't available in any format.
  3. Camus
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    The existentialist author briefly served as a third wheel between Bert and Ernie in 1981, although his most memorable interaction was with Oscar the grouch, who the author of The Stranger taught to smoke cigarettes.
  4. Treadwell the Rusty Grate
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    Treadwell was as obsessed with ornithology as the Count is with math. The gimmick was that as an eyeless metal grate children would come describe birds to him and he'd identify them based on their description. Tread well was actually really popular but they got rid of him after Mr Hooper got tetanus.