1. Earlier this year, Procter & Gamble and publisher FSG hatched a plan to create corporate synergy by paying Jonathan Franzen to promote Tampax while on tour for his latest novel.
  2. The plan was for Franzen to deliver a pro-Tampax lecture at each reading he gave on tour, but was scrapped after a single performance when critics pointed out that the speech, unfortunately titled ‘On Moisture,’ featured the word ‘hysteria’ forty-six times in eleven minutes and suggested that Franzen thought Tampax were used to remove makeup.
  3. Last summer, cable channel FX angered many Los Angeles residents by having Jessica Lange break into private residences overnight and scream the premiere date for American Horror Story: Hotel at sleeping children.
  4. In 2014, Amazon found itself in hot water after offering to send anyone who filmed him or herself vandalizing a Barnes and Noble a free Kindle Paperlight.
  5. The makers of Red Bull courted controversy in 2006 by printing copies of The Bible edited to include mentions of the product throughout the book of Genesis.
  6. Advertisements for a treasury edition celebrating the 30th anniversary of funny page stalwart Garfield in 2008 angered fans by including detailed instructions for kicking a dog off a table ledge.