1. The big bad wolf
  2. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  3. The Redwall books
  4. That robot body Krang rode around in
  5. In The Simpsons, at Bleeding Gums funeral when the hot dog vendor appears
  6. Also Simpsons, 'I'm seeing double, four Krusty's!'
  7. Figuring out how various card tricks work
  8. The part in Back to School when Rodney says, 'why don't you call me sometime when you got no class.'
  9. The Jessie's Girl part in Boogie Nights
  10. Catch-22
  11. Jesus Son
  12. Grant Morrison
  13. Southland Tales
  14. Pacino's crazy monologue at the end of Dick Tracy
  15. Dan's boat on Roseanne
  16. The episode of Roseanne where Mark tells David that the Conners are their real family
  17. The terrible final episode of Roseanne
  18. The episode of The Office where Michael and Jan throw a dinner party
  19. That episode of 30 Rock where Tracy says not to wake him up while he's napping because he'll react violently and then immediately has a night terror and screams for someone to wake him up
  20. Your mama