1. The sound of a herd of goats being chased through a haunted house that is on fire
    Otherwise the story of how I lost my virginity won't have the right impact
  2. That part in Robocop where Donald Johnson (Felton Perry) samples the weird paste Robocop eats and enthusiastically announces that 'It tastes like baby food!'
    Why does he know what baby food tastes like? Why does this excite him so? Why does he taste the weird paste in the first place? Hey, that's a tongue twister!
  3. I'd also like the specific vocalization that female seagulls use to announce that they are looking for a mate
  4. And I'd put it in some random list and just wait to hear that one of my followers got attacked by seagulls while reading that list outside
  5. And then I'd feel pretty bad
  6. But knowing I'd feel bad wouldn't stop me from doing it
  7. Which incidentally also ties into the story of how I lost my virginity