1. One about a guy who gets his eye poked out at a wedding
  2. One about a former bear trainer who got mauled trying to reinvent himself as a reality show host
  3. One about a meth head who goes around attacking people and stealing their teeth to bring home for a tooth fairy he's got trapped in a jar
  4. One about a guy who finds a fairy and eats it and gets super high
    Two about fairies apparently
  5. One about a painter in Russia post-WW2 who specialized in portraits of Stalin with images of Jesus hidden in the mustaches
  6. One about a kid on the Magic School bus (remember that show?) hijacking the bus and driving it back in time to meet Jesus because he wants to impress a Christian girl he has a crush on, but then they discover that Jesus was a fraud or a con man or something.
  7. One about a Ninja Warrior-type game show where the contestants are placed in a building and have to race to escape a simulated terrorist attack