1. One day an adult man in the cafe prayed for God to turn him into a baby and it happened
  2. No one knew what to do with the baby then, though
  3. Were we supposed to take it home or bring it to an orphanage or...
  4. Finally my co-worker Jasper found the guy's cellphone and called 'Home' and got ahold of his wife
  5. After Jasper explained the situation the guy's wife came down to the store
  6. So the wife arrives.
  7. And she's understandably pretty upset
  8. At first she didn't want to take the baby
  9. She said that wasn't covered in he wedding vows
  10. But then the store manager cracked open a book on marriage law from the marriage law section and proved to her it was
  11. The law is the law but that seemed like a dick move to me.
  12. She took the baby though
  13. Four months later I saw her again after I got arrested for mooning the waiter at a Red Robin and she turned out to work as a magistrate
  14. Long story short we started dating
  15. It was a little weird that she was raising a baby who was also her husband
  16. Plus I never totally got over the suspicion that her husband, although physically a baby, might still have his adult mind
  17. Sometimes when she was changing his diaper while I was in the room I swear he'd give me this smug look
  18. And one time I saw him staring really intently at a crossword puzzle
  19. That had a lot to do with why we broke up
  20. There were other things I won't get into
  21. But for a while it was nice
  22. Being with her felt like the moment right before an airplane's wheels touch the ground after a long flight