1. Rocky 1 - Sly had been around for a while and done some semi-noticeable stuff, but no one wanted him to play the lead in Rocky. He ended up selling the screenplay for a relatively paltry sum in order to ensure that he could star, and the film, about an underdog no one believes in who perseveres anyway, was nominated for 10 Academy awards
  2. Then he directed Paradise Alley, about wrestlers, and starred in Union drama FIST
  3. Rocky 2-Stallone writes and directs this one, about a guy who achieved more success than he ever could have imagined and doesn't know what to do next. At the end he decides to do the same thing that made him famous again.
  4. Then he made some junk and also First Blood- which people forget was much more a real drama then the kind of berserk action thing these became. Stallone is having a hard time deciding if he's an 'actor' or a 'movie star' going into...
  5. Rocky 3 - where he firmly decides to be a movie star. He fights Hulk Hogan and Mr T, he's at (reportedly) 3% body fat, this is actually pretty good but it's no surprise that what came next was junk like...
  6. Rhinestone, Over the Top, Tango and Cash
  7. Rocky 4 - Barely a real movie compared to the first couple, Stallone is in full on action mode. This is a revenge/Cold War thriller, even has a robot in it.
  8. Rocky 5 - an attempt to return to form, but You get the feeling Stallone wasn't ready to make this yet. He was still in 'movie star' mode, he couldn't stand to lose the fight at the end or die, which was apparently the scripted ending.
  9. Stop! Or my Mom Will Shoot! Demolition Man. Judge Dredd.
  10. He made Copland in 1997, which is excellent, and Antz in 1998, which is also great.
  11. Rocky Balboa - sad old man Rocky shoots for one last taste of glory. Maybe the most meta of them all--just as Rocky doesn't have to win the fight, just be good enough to stay in it, this movie only had to be decent to work. And it does!
  12. Creed - Talk of Stallone getting nominated for an academy award might be merited but feels like that 'lifetime achievement' Oscar they occasionally throw someone. More interesting is that Star Michael B Jordan spends the whole movie talking about escaping/ earning his famous name. Right?