1. A wider range of villains
    How about a bunch of super powered villains that would pose a real threat instead of having the team fight a bunch of cgi drones
  2. More drama within the team itself
    All these big personalities, you know they'd be clashing
  3. A series of short scenes where Natalie Portman sits in an all white room eating a vanilla ice cream cone in her bathing suit
    The bathing suit should be a one peice, and maybe Paint It Black should be playing softly in the background
  4. Less franchise maintenance
    Here's a revolutionary idea, how about an Avengers movie that would make sense without having seen, and needing to see, a bunch of tie-ins
  5. Natalie Portman should speak directly to the camera between licks of ice cream
    She could say stuff like, Hope you're enjoying the movie Tom, and Am I doing this right? Don't be afraid to correct me or I'll never learn!
  6. Get weird!
    Old Avengers comics could be pretty trippy, and it would be fun to see some of the stranger concepts--like Vision and Scarlet Witches imaginary twins--play out on screen
  7. Leah Remini should come out and comb Natalie Portman's hair
    Yeah, that feels right
  8. Leah Remini should also speak into the camera
    'Whoa, is that Han Solo I see? Wait, sorry, it's Tom Batten. Hi Tom!'
  9. Raise the stakes
    I've heard the most recent Avengers movie criticized for feeling low-stakes and I kind of agree. Saving the world is meaningless when the audience knows there's a dozen sequels already scheduled. How about building tension off complications tied to character...like, if Natalie Portman doesn't lick the ice cream at the right pace all these hornets will get released into the all white room, something like that
  10. Celebrity cameos
    Maybe Amy Poehler comes out dressed like Furiosa from Mad Max and coaches Natalie Portman to eat the ice cream appropriately so as to avoid getting the hornets
  11. Girl power!
    The ladies band together to escape the all white room and then ride off on circa 1965 triumph twenty one motorcycles
  12. A distinctive tone and vision
    Which I think I have more than proven capable of providing. Marvel, I await your call