1. Let's make a sex tape and send it to the President!
    Are you insane? Get me a towel or something!
  2. Do you think the dog and the cat ever fool around at night when we're asleep? I mean, they have all the parts, you know?
    Ow ow ow ow ow
  3. Is there a place in town that makes fake military dog tags?
    Oh god do you think we should call 911?
  4. Or what about tiny dog tags for dogs?
    The skins all coming off will you call 911 please?
  5. I'm having a hard time getting into Penny Dreadful for some reason
    Hello? Yes I've burned myself very badly please send help
  6. Hey your arm looks like a snake shedding its skin, that's cool
    The ambulance is on its way you'll have follow and meet me at the ER ok?
  7. What if when you died and got to heaven that's what God looked like, a burned up arm...
    That would be terrible