1. With Listapp about to go public I want to confess to you all that I am in fact David Lynch
    Director, writer, visual artist, dreamer
  2. I'm telling you all this and then deleting this before the app is public. Please don't let anyone know
  3. Over the last couple of months it's been a great joy in my life to come here and shed the weight of expectation that comes with being David Lynch
  4. Sometimes I just feel like being silly and lighthearted. Sometimes I don't feel like talking about the hidden decay behind every suburban facade
  5. But I try talking about that stuff in my real life everyone thinks I have some agenda
  6. Like, I can't talk about being prom king as myself. People start looking for the symbolism.
  7. And real quick just because I trust you guys and I need to get this off my chest, I wish Chris Isaak would stop calling me late at night and playing demos for new songs over the phone.
  8. The world has turned, Chris
  9. I suppose I could do some really neat lists as myself that people would probably like
  10. Like, a ranking of my favorite images of a dead snake nailed to plywood and painted purple
  11. Best milkshakes in LA
  12. Or a list with 90 items, all of them the same picture of an ominous shade of orange
  13. I have a draft of one about times I was unable to mediate because I was distracted by fantasizing about killing a swan with scissors
  14. Anyway I'm needed back on set. We're about to shoot the scene in the Twin Peaks revival where Agent Dale Cooper whistles into an ant colony and the ants whistle back
  15. Spoiler alert!
  16. Please keep my secret
  17. Your friend
  18. David Lynch