This is the best request ever
  1. During the Batten Family Independence Day meltdown on July 5, 1996 when I stood in the yard and screamed that we were either seeing the movie that night or I was going to burn the house down with everyone in it
  2. In 10th grade when I piled up the lawn furniture and smashed it all to bits with an axe and my dad came into my room later that day and simply said "this is not how civilized people behave" and then left
  3. In 12th grade (I think) when I went to church with @durfmobile and forged this kid C's fathers signature on a form volunteering to house a traveling teenage girl choir for the weekend.
    C was a huge asshole but I should have left his family out of it
  4. Later that year when I called that guy C's house and left a message on the answering machine saying @durfmobile had been killed in an accident
  5. When I was in a bad car accident and in the hospital, when they told me my friend John was coming to visit, I asked the doctor to pull the sheet over my head and 'look real sad' when John came in the room
  6. My very first day teaching when this freshman asked if he could go to the bathroom and I said he could but only if the entire class went with him and watched
  7. He dropped the class
  8. For all I know he dropped out of school