1. amazing facts about cartoons from the 80s guaranteed to make conversation with you a total chore
    Bored just thinking about this. Yeah I remember get along gang that doesn't make us friends)
  2. 12 ways to keep your racism covert
    Doesn't seem healthy for America
  3. 10 beach reads featuring graphic descriptions of fellatio
    I don't want anyone to know when I'm reading about fellatio on the beach
  4. 5 inconceivable truths the human mind simply cannot comprehend
    You guys aren't ready
  5. 4 dubious points about the history of Islam that will destroy your credibility
    Why would I want to hurt your credibility? I might need a recommendation letter from you one day
  6. Why dogs should be issued social security numbers
    This is a ridiculous idea
  7. 14 shocking numbers that are less than 15 (you'll never believe number 9)
    This list excludes fractions which I think is unfair