1. I lost a follower today
  2. The little lamb just walked away
  3. Why he dropped me I can't say
  4. Just that he has gone astray
  5. Were my jokes not up to snuff?
  6. Perhaps my language was too rough?
  7. My lists too planned
  8. Or off the cuff?
  9. Maybe he just had enough
  10. And thought, today's the day
  11. If you somehow see this list
  12. Due to shares or trending
  13. Please know that you can come back
  14. This need not be an ending
  15. No
  16. You know what? Don't come back
  17. I don't need you
  18. You seem wack
  19. Who the hell unfollows when the mute works just as well?
  20. And since I probably follow you
  21. And read the stupid lists you do
  22. Know that they all stink like poo
  23. And by poo I mean shit
  24. Jesus sorry that was mean
  25. I didn't mean to get obscene
  26. I'm just upset
  27. And venting spleen
  28. Like some hurt and angry teen
  29. When all I wanted was to say
  30. I lost a follower today