1. I can't really think of anything that would make me cry from fear
  2. I get a little uneasy when I'm up high, but I wouldn't say I'm afraid of heights
  3. I don't want snake in my room with me, but I don't think I'm scared of them
  4. I knew a girl once who, when asked her greatest fear, said 'scary things'
  5. Which I laugh about even now, but is actually a fine answer
  6. People always say, my greatest fear is spiders or disease or whatever
  7. Like fear can be ranked. Like if you awoke with a huge spider in your face you'd think, at least this isn't identify theft, that's my GREATEST fear
  8. That same girl, she had this boyfriend and I decided to see if I could convince her to break up with him
  9. So I started trash talking him whenever I saw her, and always referred to him as Schuyler
  10. I forget his real name. It wasn't Schuyler
  11. And on top of of all that I bought her little gifts and maintained eye contact and let her talk and talk
  12. One day she accidentally referred to him as Schuyler and I knew it was working
  13. And soon after she dumped him and showed up at my apartment thinking we would start dating
  14. This is not stuff I should be sharing probably
  15. I wasn't into her
  16. I really only wanted to see if I could get her to dump this other dude.
  17. It never even occurred to me that she'd think I was pursuing her
  18. Anyway that conversation didn't go well
  19. The Schuyler guy tried to fight me once but It didn't go well for him
  20. And a friend of his spit on me at a bar one night
  21. This was years ago. That girl is married now
  22. Not to the Schuyler dude
  23. Seems happy
  24. Maybe if there was one thing that could make me actually cry from fear it would be the fear that I'm not a better man now than I was then
  25. I'm trying to be