1. A group of unicorns is called a 'fucking bunch'
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    As in, here comes a fucking bunch of unicorns
  2. The reason there were no unicorns on Noah's Ark is because Noah wouldn't let them smoke cigarettes on board
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    They built their own damn boat and found Ararat 2 days before the Ark did
  3. After WWII many unicorns escaped to South America, had their horns removed, and lived out their days in hiding as simple horses
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  4. Unicorns invented twerking
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  5. A unicorn scientist invented frozen pizza
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  6. Male unicorns form Ska bands to attract females during mating season
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  7. The book The Last Unicorn made me cry for 2 days when I was 8 years old
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    My mom let me skip school the second day
  8. This song about unicorns was banned by the Geneva convention: http://bit.ly/1g9i7zO
    Suggested by @thebfr