1. Your kids don't have school because of a bomb threat...skip one turn
  2. Your favorite presidential candidate isn't crazy enough to gain traction and drops out of the race...lose $20,000
  3. Your tweet goes viral...gain no money, but some brief satisfaction quickly followed by an unexpected emptiness
  4. There's a Whole Foods in your city now and all the other grocery stores go out of business...lose $5000 per turn from now on
  5. Fallout IV is released...skip next three turns
  6. Someone spoils Star Wars: The Force Awakens for you...that person skips next turn
  7. You meet this girl from Tinder and discover that her profile pictures are all from six years ago...realize you're no prize either and make the most of it
  8. Your favorite comedian is exposed as a serial rapist...skip one turn coming to terms with the truth and then move on
  9. You're murdered by some idiot while minding your own business...game over