1. God isn't the only one who thinks the best of you
    That's a nice one
  2. God can't help it if you don't want to know what you want
  3. God doesn't want you to get a haircut
    Call me Samson I guess
  4. God wonders why the people making the new batman movie felt like they had to include batman's origin story yet again
  5. God thinks that's well worn territory
  6. God wonders if they'll show the destruction of Krypton again too
  7. God wonders if they'll show Lois Lane being conceived and born
    He's pretty hung up on this
  8. God thinks the movie looks okay
    Shouldn't he know everything about the movie, being omniscient?
  9. God wants to revisit the haircut issue
  10. God loves long shaggy hair
    My hair never gets shaggy it just gets bushy
  11. God would hate to have to go back and kill you before you were born
    All right I'll leave it