1. When Claiborn made Claiborn vow to find and protect Claiborn she'd have had to include a sketch so Claiborn would know which Claiborn Claiborn was talking about
  2. Monday morning you'd hear people discussing whether Claiborn killed Claiborn before or after finding out he was having an affair with Claiborn.
  3. When the guardians at the wall bickered their leader would stand up and shout 'Hey, we're all Claiborn's here!'
  4. This next part isn't GOT related but just sprung to mind
  5. I had a friend in high school named Claiborn
  6. He's dyslexic
  7. One day another friend of ours carved 'Clayborn was here' in his desk
  8. And when then teacher found it she freaked out and started yelling at Claiborn
  9. Who pointed out that he wouldn't have spelled his own name wrong
  10. But she didn't believe him because she thought him being dyslexic made it feasible he might misspell his own name
  11. That was right at the beginning of ninth grade and I had a hard time respecting that teacher for the rest of the year