1. Bringing people together
    Listapp is an incredible resource where people with a variety of anxiety disorders gather to reassure one another of their value
  2. A little different than what you're used to
    Unlike Twitter, instagram, and other social media platforms, Listapp has not yet resulted in any murders
  3. Types of users
    A blue check next to a users name identifies this person as a certified Listapp concierge. Feel free to contact them for advice or with any questions. If they don't reply within 10-15 minutes, send a series of messages to make sure the system is functioning correctly. If the Listapp concierge still hasn't responded after a series of messages, feel free to show up at their home or place of business
  4. Think outside the list
    The app is designed for listing, but can be used for so much more. Try telling a story, sharing a recipe, creating a photo essay, or establishing an ailibi using the location marker.
  5. Corporate or business users
    There are growing number of businesses using Listapp to reach out to their customers. While it is unclear at this early stage whether Listapp will become a valuable marketing tool, let me just point out that I love coca-cola, triumph motorcycles, movies released by major studios as well as independent film, own a PlayStation 4, and currently have more followers that @JimmyFallon
  6. Don't be afraid of sincerity
    Listapp is a safe place for real people to connect and irreverence is not tolerated
  7. Addendum: I no longer have more followers than @JimmyFallon